Recommended Reading


“A process of dynamic interaction between the personality of the reader and literature under the guidance of a trained helper" - Shrodes' ( 1949)
I found it an honor to have my book about Bullying and Suicide be classified by mental health professionals as bibliotherapy. This is one opportunity to help people deal with tough issues. While many books try, their stories are often too dark, too graphic or simply don’t offer enough hope to be classified in this genre. I’m recommending a few that do.

SPEAK by Laurie Halse Anderson

This novel inspired me to continue my work on Locker 572. Specifically the questions the author listed at the end of the book. One from boys who liked the book but asked “What’s the big deal?” My adult brain understands that adolescent boys can’t fully understand (unless they’ve been molested) the effect date rape has on a young girl. This book helps open their awareness, without graphic details.